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Personalized Email Service.

Create your own identity. Secure a prestigious Thornton Eagles email address that shows how you value and take pride in being a member in good standing of the Thornton Eagles. This service is available to all members of the Thornton Eagles and their families.

This is a simple "email forwarding" service that "redirects" all email to your existing email address. It is completely safe and secure and incoming mail is not read by anyone but the recipient.

Here is an example of how it works:

All email sent to anyone is automatically redirected to your existing email account.
That's it!

End all your email communications with reply to...anyone and all email sent to that address shows up in your existing email inbox. It does not matter whether you have an email account with MSN, Hotmail, Google (gmail), Yahoo, Comcast or Qwest you still receive your mail the same way. The only difference is the address to which the mail is sent. anyone

Show your support for the Thornton Eagles, at just a $5 per year, your new Thornton Eagles email address demonstrates your commitment and respect for the Thornton Eagles and the "good works" we do.

See the sign up sheet at the bar.

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