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Report from the Trustees November 2011

Hello all,

Well, were proud to say that Thornton Aerie 3226 is still climbing up that very proud ladder of success.  The stove, all ovens, hood and filters have all been taken apart and power washed with the help of Larry Stones friend Andy.  We also want to thank Larry for the gallon of cleaning solution.  It sure made the job easier.  The new tile has been installed in the kitchen by Joe Black and his company and a wonderful job at that.  Billy Archuletta did a very nice job of painting the kitchen.  This should open some eyes up.  Just as a reminder, the auxiliary has posted new rules in the kitchen which all members shall abide by.

We want to thank Brother Bret Pike for all the plumbing repairs he took care of, and we all know what water damage has done to our home over the years.

We have the lawn and outer ground looking better.  The trustee’s with the help of Steve Kessel and Little Brother Kyle Halterman, worked very hard on this. The lawn sprinkler system has been gone through and repairs made with the help of Rich Claice.  Watch this coming year to how much prettier our grounds are going to be. Ok brothers and sisters, bring flower ideas to the trustees and let’s see what we can get done.  

A big Thank you to Tom Marquez for replacement of the ceiling vents in the social room, Tom Montoya for keeping our boiler alive and Kurt for coming to the rescue of our ice machine.  If we have forgotten anyone, please remind one of the trustee’s and accept our apology.

The Trustee’s with the aid of our Worthy Chaplain Richard Wise, will be have a Coney Island Hot Dog day to raise money for Ways and Means in the future. There is not a date set as of yet so watch for future fliers.
We will not ever forget the past as from where we come from, we know what we have now for the present and with the love and support form all of our members and the work that our officers do, we will soar high and proud in the future and may god bless all.

Your Aerie Trustee’s

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